“You look so skinny!” It’s NOT a compliment!

To many people have said this to me over the years. I’ve decided to take to the gym to try and remove this from any conversation with me. Building muscle mass is my answer instead of eating a pile of ice cream. Well, I sometimes still eat ice cream too. 


This phrase is seen as a compliment to many. I hope my daughter sees that skinny is never the goal. Fit should be the goal, and if that means losing a little weight, great! Let me detail my routine for gaining weight/muscle, but this does not by any means translate to what everyone should do in a similar situation. Find not only what works for you but what you want to do. I can say do 100 sit-ups every day to gets and of a Greek God. That may work of you’re into it. I’m not. I need variety and enjoyment with my workouts.


These are not followed to a T, more of a guideline on what I try to do each week


Monday – Strength Training

Main targets – Back, Biceps, Abs

Secondary targets – Abs, Shoulders, Chest

Tuesday – Stationary bike

Wednesday – Strength Training

Main targets – Abs, Chest, Triceps

Secondary targets – Shoulders, legs

Thursday – Stationary bike

Friday – Overall Strength Training

Main targets – Chest, Triceps, Back, Biceps, Legs

Secondary targets – Abs

Saturday – Rest day

Sunday – Swim


Keep it balanced. Many times when trying to bulk up people avoid cardio all together. I would not advise that. You need cardio to be able to get through your workout in a timely matter. I’ve never been one to stay at the gym for his on end. My workouts rarely last longer than an hour. Bouncing from one exercise to the next is its own cardio. But good old fashion bike riding or running is still top for cardio development.


When it comes to diet. I’m not the best. I eat everything. I don’t mean plates of bacon covered in butter. I just eat all day long. I don’t feel full, I just get bored of eating a certain meal and move on. Even with this I find it hard to gain weight. So I’ve recently added protein shakes to my day. One in the morning and one at night. I’ve heard of people eating an ounce of protein per pound of body weight. That’s nuts. Again, it’s whatever you’re comfortable doing. I’m sure you’ll gain like crazy if you have that much each day. I’ll take my time and enjoy my day a little more.