When it comes to protein powders there are countless choices. Whey, egg, casein, organic, natural, it goes on and on. When the decision is finally made as to which type you are going to buy, then you have to decide what brand. This list is even longer! Everyone advertises the same things. ‘The best quality’, ‘Easiest to mix’, ‘Tastes the best’. But, what are you really paying for? When you take a look at the serving sizes you’ll notice that those are all over the place. Some require only a small scoop into an 8oz glass of water while others expect you to add so much powder that you’ll need a fork to eat it.

I took the time to filter past all of the top level advertising and look at the real numbers on the label of some of the top brands out there to find the one that gives you best bang for your buck. To shorten the list I am only taking the king of protein into account. Whey.


I looked at the cost per gram of powder. Amount of protein in each gram of powder. I also took a look at the calories and sodium per gram of powder. This is an important issue that many people gloss over. Many companies suggest taking quite a bit of their product each day. These are important numbers to watch when on any type fitness program.


Protein Comparison Chart

Comparing some of the best selling Protein Powders. Serving size, cost per gram, protein per gram, calories per gram, and sodium per gram.