Diet hard, exercise like crazy – lose weight.
Return to regular daily activity – gain it all back.

Sound familiar?

Fads are everyone, from eating certain foods to working out in a certain progression. Here’s the honest, unbiased truth about all of them. They all work. Pick whatever you want. HIIT may have more benefits than Weights Watchers or be less damaging on your body than cross fit. But, you’ll get the same weight loss from eating avocados for every meal as you would if you run every day. But, nothing is going to last if it’s extra work for you to stick with it. The only way to truly change your body is to uproot your day to day activity and switch it all up.

Healthy and skinny are the not same thing!

That’s not the first or last time I will say that. People will do just about anything and spend crazy sums of money to be skinny. Not realizing that being healthy is free.

Your weight has a neutral.

If you were to spend each and every day with your typical amount of activity, you will settle into a certain body weight. For some, typical activity means a 3 mile run in the morning. For others, it means playing video games all day long. Either way, there is a weight you will settle into. I call this your “neutral”.



Here’s how I try to illustrate body weight.

Visualize a valley with a car at the bottom.

This car is off and in neutral. (See why I chose that word?) This is the body weight you would settle into with your typical daily activity level. If you want to lose weight, effort must be put in to push that car up the hill. Now, similarly to pushing a car up a hill, if you ever at some point stop putting in the effort the car will roll back down that hill twice as fast.

This is why fads fail so frequently. You can’t just expect to do something for a month and expect the results to last forever. It takes a true life style change to move your weight. The goal is to actually change your neutral. So, it’s not effort for your to keep your weight where you want. It becomes part of your typical daily activity.

Are you still following this?

There’s another aspect to this. The hills that create your valley may be steeper than others. This means it takes significantly more effort to get your car moving than anyone else. This does not mean it’s impossible.

You can do this.

Whatever you choose to do in order to lose weight, or gain. This visualization could be used for either direction. The goal is not to get an instant change. Try to think of ways you can change your everyday. Change your neutral weight and you will be amazed to see it actually stick.

– PHL Fit